Buy a Stamp

In additon to the U.S. Postal Service, there are several sources that you can use to buy a Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation Stamp (Duck Stamp).

Friends of the Stamp

You can purchase a Stamp in a plastic holder from us!


Amplex is the company that deals with sales of the Stamps outside of the regular post office, refuge, and sporting goods store availability.  Arrangements with Amplex can also be made for consignment sales of the Stamps.

Black Swamp Bird Observatory

The Black Swamp Bird Observatory in northwest Ohio regularly sells the Stamp in their effort to promote responsible birding and bird conservation.

Georgia Ornithological Society

The Georgia Ornithological Society regularly supports the sales and display of the Stamp among their members, and GOS has collected kudos from many Stamp supporters.

Wisconsin Society for Ornithology 

The Wisconsin Society for Ornithology also promotes Stamp sales and promotion.

American Birding Association

The ABA is selling the stamp, encouraging its members and friends to be counted as supporters of the Stamp's effective conservation program.  Read about the ABA's effort, explained.  Or visit


Looking for more buying options?  The Duck Stamp Office gives you the rundown.

Last link check: 4 December 2016