An early judging for the Federal Duck Stamp

Here is a photo of an early art judging for the Federal Duck Stamp. The date is uncertain, but some of the circumstances are not. It was a judging held in private, probably at the Department of the Interior in Washington DC. It was held with only a few people present, because the first Federal Duck Stamp Art Contest was only open to the general public starting in 1966. Four of the judges are standing, along with Bob Hines (1912-1994).

The photo was from a collection of images in the Bob Hines collection. Hines, of course, created the original rules for a Federal Duck Stamp Art Contest and managed the competition for over three decades.

On the reverse of the photo, and in Hines's handwriting, was the following: "Chairman of Duck Stamp Committee on hand at judging.  Judges are 4 fellows on my right."

It's anybody's guess, but perhaps the photo was taken in the early 1960s. Comments from folk who may have better conclusions on the time, place, and individuals, are most welcome!

The image was graciously provided to us through John D. Juriga, author of Bob Hines, National Wildlife Artist (2012, Beaver's Pond Press).