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Articles – big and small, from national and regional publications – that discuss the Stamp, its uses, growth, and future.

August 2016

Jamie Williams writes an op-ed in defense of our public lands.

We hear over and over that the government can’t manage the land it already owns. Those words ring especially hollow when they come from the same members of Congress who deliberately underfund our parks and public lands and undermine community-driven, science-based efforts to manage them.

Anti-conservation lawmakers devise such distractions to justify their actions because they know that the American people prize these lands. That’s why opponents of federal ownership often bury these measures in large bills that Congress must pass.

The reality is that people as well as birds and other wildlife flock to our national refuges, parks and forests. Many of these protected areas are near populous urban centers and offer children a first dose of wild America.

November 2015

By Alexandra Class Freeman, a visually stunning one-page introduction to the history of the Duck Stamp—and why it's important for conservation-minded folks to support the program—from the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology: "How Hunters and Artists Helped Save North America’s Waterfowl".

April 2003 (added July 2015)

Mari N. Jensen's article for BioScience covers the first 100 years of the Refuge System and looks to the future. She emphasizes the importance of the Comprehensive Conservation Plans required by the National Wildlife Refuge System Improvement Act of 1997. Although the focus of the paper is on ongoing operations and maintenance, the Stamp also earns a mention.

June 2015

Paul Baicich explains the Stamp and its importance to birders in an article for Bird Observer.

29 August 2014

John W. Fitzpatrick submits an op-ed to the New York Times, "Saving Our Birds," and hat-tips the Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation Stamp Act.

August/September 2014

Paul Baicich describes "80 years of the duck stamp" for Outdoors Unlimited, the magazine of the Outdoor Writers Association of America.

July 2014

Brian Kevin offers a wry profile of Stamp artists Adam Grimm and Tim Taylor for Audubon Magazine.

12 March 2014

Paul A. Smith wrote a particularly thorough piece in the Journal Sentinel (Milwaukee) on the 80th anniversary of the establishment of the Stamp.

1 July 2014

The July-August issue of Ducks Unlimited magazine contained an article on the 80 years of the Stamp, written by Paul Schmidt and Whitney Tawney.

28 June 2014

Nancy Hillstrand's guest post for the American Birding Association calls on birders to meet the challenge of providing essential conservation funds.

Birders to the rescue! As a badge of honor, those of us who know and love birds must annually pledge to step up to support them.

28 June 2013

Annetta's blog post for Round Robin features an interactive map of the country's National Wildife Refuges, color-coded by the percentage of land in each that was acquired via Stamp funds.

25 June 2013

William Grimes covers the release of Robert Steiner's 2013 duck stamp, and surveys duck stamps past and present—and Rob McBroom's futuristic contest entry. Don't miss the accompanying slideshow that tracks the evolution of stamp images since the 1930s.

19 March 2013

Matt Markey spotlights for the Toledo Blade the upcoming 2013 Federal Duck Stamp Art Competition, which will be held at Ohio's Maumee Bay State Park in September, and Ohio's tradition of conservation and art.

23 February 2013

This piece by Patrick Durkin in the Madison (Wisconsin) State Journal starts with some of the recent demographics and implications on declining stamp sales, but ends up with some different emphases on requirements for holders of the stamp.

7 February 2013

A summary of the article by Mark Vrtiska of the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission that originally appeared in The Wildlife Society Bulletin on waterfowl populations, hunters, and the Stamp.

1 February 2013

A two-minute broadcast on the importance of the Stamp from BirdNote.

20 January 2013

Birders and others need to buy the Stamp – from the San Francisco Chronicle.

June/July 2012

"Bucks for Ducks": From Wildfowl magazine is an article by David Hart on the discussion over increasing the cost of the Stamp by another $10 – from $15 to $25.