Our Logo

The logo of the Friends of the Migratory Bird/Duck Stamp – found at the top of this page and every page on our website – was carefully chosen and designed. It shows profiles of three birds in wetland habitat: a Northern Pintail, a Great Blue Heron, and an American Avocet.  These are representational species that benefit through the investment made via Stamp dollars. Of course, the Stamp is about ducks, but it's not only ducks. The birds and other wildlife whose lives are made more secure through investing in wetland and grassland habitat in the National Wildlife Refuge System are many. And every time we buy a Stamp – represented by the inset border in the Friends logo – we help make that investment in a better conservation future.

Our logo was designed by Cissy Russell, a highly skilled graphic designer with broad experience, specializing in print design. She is from Wilmington, North Carolina, and you can find details on her work here.  

Our Friends Group also got valuable advice from Jim Hautman, four-time winner of the Federal Duck Stamp Contest, and important support from our colleagues at the National Wildlife Refuge Association.