About Us

The Friends of the Migratory Bird/Duck Stamp (hereafter Friends) is an organization, incorporated in the state of Maryland, dedicated to the promotion, preservation, sales, and better understanding of the Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation Stamp (commonly called the Duck Stamp). The Friends fosters an appreciation of how the funds collected through the Stamp build the National Wildlife Refuge System and emphasizes the conservation of habitat and the many wildlife species that benefit through the Stamp.

Like the many other independent National Wildlife Refuge Friends Groups, this organization of Friends promotes public appreciation of how appropriate wildlife-dependent recreation can be conducted on refuge lands, and how such activities depend in no small part on the success of the Stamp. Since sales of the Stamp is a major driver for quality land acquisition – fee title and easements – the Friends will promote the work of the Migratory Bird Conservation Fund and the Migratory Bird Conservation Commission and the interaction of the Service (through the Division of Realty) with the MBCF and MBCC.

Much of the activity will involve the preparation of materials – including printed flyers, print public service announcements (PSAs), model posters, etc. – in support of the Stamp. Promotion will also include electronic presentations made available to refuge, wildlife, and conservation organizations, as well as having Board Members and associated volunteers attend such meetings to make related presentations.

The Friends will also promote and support the work of the Junior Duck Stamp when possible, stressing that the proceeds from the sale of the Federal Junior Duck Stamp are used for conservation education.

On occasion and at particular events, the Friends – through volunteers – will sell or assist in selling the Stamp.

All these activities will be conducted throughout the year and across the country. The activities will be funded through voluntary contributions and individual memberships.

Those with membership in the Friends will receive a regular electronic publication.